Our decision to have Herb'n Maid clean our house bi-weekly is the best decision we've made since moving into our house in Tower Grove. We are delighted with the outstanding job our team of green Dogcleaners provides each and every time they visit us. Our dogs absolutely love our technicians and are so excited to have their new friends in our home.


Supporting a locally-owned, green company was important to us, as we would never consider using a regular cleaning company and products again. We're happy and relieved now that we're using only green products in our house, for the sake of our own well-being as well as our dogs' health. I highly recommend Herb'n Maid to anyone interested in a professional, friendly, customer-care oriented company that makes amazing, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and offers impeccable service.


Anne Margaret Baxley
Herb'n Maid residential client
St. Louis



We’ve been with Herb’n Maid since almost the inception of the company. In my first meeting with Richelle, one of two company co-owners, I was impressed with her intelligent, logical, thorough, and Homecustomized approach to the cleaning service. Richelle makes communication easy, follows up on service satisfaction, and is totally flexible. I remember one instance where we had been out of town for the two weeks between cleanings, and Richelle did not charge us for the second cleaning because she felt we hadn’t had a chance to enjoy our clean house! It’s the little things that count. Herb’n Maid is genuinely committed to cleaning homes, doing so in an environmentally friendly way, and making customers happy. These characteristics perfectly complement our lifestyle. We have small children, so we want our home to be clean; we have a green home, so we want to keep as many aspects of its caretaking green; and we find solace knowing that Herb'n Maid will provide excellent service every time. Superb management, fair prices, and green living – my cup of tea!


Hristina Schlaggar
Herb'n Maid residential client
Richmond Heights



Herb'n Maid has been a lifesaver for me, as a working mom with two kids. The time just wasn’t there for me to keep up with the house, and yet it was always hanging over my head. When I let it go too long, I felt like I was setting a bad example for my kids. Having Herb'n Maid come out twice a month to clean has taken that concern away. And although I am not 100% green, using Herb'n Maid is a step in the right direction and another positive example I can pass along to my kids.


MagnetsBut beyond the obvious benefits, our favorite part about coming home to our clean house is finding all the personal touches that our “cleaning elves” have left behind. One day, we found my daughter’s stuffed animals partying around the tea table. Another day we discovered my son’s Transformers attacking a bowl of Halloween candy. And every week, they spell out something cute with the refrigerator magnets. It’s so wonderful not only to come home to a clean house, but to run around and discover all the surprises.


I really look forward to our cleaning days. I get a clean house, peace-of-mind and a lot of smiles from all of the sweet extra touches.


Kay Cochran
Herb n’ Maid residential client



My husband and I absolutely love Herb’n Maid. Having been an Herb'n Maid client for three years, I can attest that there is nothing better than coming home after a busy day at work to an Herb’n Maid clean home.


two Cats

I often joke that my home is not clean until it is "Herb’n Maid clean," but honestly, it is no joke at all. We have four cats, and to say they produce a lot of cat hair would be an understatement. However, when we have guests over they often cannot believe we have four cats because the house is so clean and cat hair free. Well, now you all know our secret: it’s Herb’n Maid!


With so many uncertainties in life, it is nice to know I can always depend on Herb’n Maid to get my home sparkling and cat hair fee in an environmentally-friendly way. I highly recommend you give Herb’n Maid an opportunity to clean your home or business. I can guarantee you will be satisfied.

Danielle Faulkner-Schaffer
Herb’n Maid residential client
St. Louis




Last year for Christmas, my husband gave me one of the best gifts ever: Herb’n Maid green cleaning! 


wrapped presentI work full-time and he is a busy medical student leaving us with little time to spend together.  Our apartment was a disaster!  Richelle met with my husband and they created a Green Plan tailored to our needs, including dealing with the cat hair from our two cats.  Herb’n Maid technicians came the very next week and left our apartment sparkling.  It was amazing! 


We cannot say enough good things about Herb’n Maid.  Our apartment is cleaned on a bi-weekly schedule that fits our budget.  The staff is friendly, professional and incredibly thoughtful.  Their products are eco-friendly and leave the apartment smelling… well… clean.  The company is committed to promoting local business and community improvement.  But most of all, we are able to leave the cleaning to them and spend our precious moments together instead of doing chores.


Catherine and Travis
Herb’n Maid residential clients
St. Louis




The Herb'n Maid technicians are great with our dog and very attentive to her shedding. What a relief it is to know Herb'n Maid green cleaning products are absolutely safe for my family, my pet and the environment. Everyone in my family loves the smell of their wonderful products. It even smells healthy.


DogI have noticed several times that our cleaning technicians can read minds. Literally! For example, before one cleaning day, I noticed a stain that needed attention I forgot to mention it to our technicians. Was I ever surprised when that spot was gone. And this one was tricky. Neatly tucked away in a corner and yet they found it.


Several times they've helped me out of a bind, and they are always so kind and flexible. Thank you so much Herb'n Maid!


Sabine M.
Herb'n Maid residential client



My husband and I are expecting, and since the beginning of my pregnancy we’ve been making an effort to be more environmentally conscious. We needed a cleaning company for our home and came across Herb’n Maid online. Because they’re a “green” company, we decided to see what they are all about.

Baby FeetThe first time they cleaned our home we absolutely could not believe how clean everything was when they finished. We have had our house cleaned professionally for years but this was so different! There was no cleaning solution odor. The house just smelled clean. Since then we have also hired Herb’n Maid to steam clean our carpets, and again we were so pleased.

Owners Richelle and Larbi are both just amazing people who actually love what they are doing and it shows. The crew they send to our house is equally amazing and does a great job.

Cleaning green is a different experience than using everyday cleaning supplies. It actually looks cleaner, if you can believe that, and since using this company I will never have my house cleaned by a traditional cleaning crew again. It’s also nice to know that with a newborn on the way, taking care of the housework is one less thing that I will have to worry about.

Bean Strauss
Herb’n Maid residential client

Rock Hill



We scheduled an in-home consultation with Herb’n Maid, where a written Green Plan was developed with our specific 2500sf condominium and our three cats in mind. We not only learned about Herb’n Maid’s products and services but also picked up some tips for greening up other areas of our lifestyle.

CatsOn the day of our Initial Cleaning, our Herb’n Maid green team arrived promptly, each technician fully equipped with all supplies and equipment necessary to do the job. They were all very nice and kind to our curious kitties. My husband and I then left for a few hours, and when we returned, the transformation was nearly complete.

It was quite a project, but Herb’n Maid was up to this task! The Green Plan was followed to a "T." Everything was dusted – even high places. The team didn't just vacuum around furniture - they moved smaller cabinets to "get at" the dirt behind. The kitchen and bathrooms were spotless, and the glass and fixtures were sparking and streak-free. What a difference! When they left, the place was fresh and clean, and we could not be more pleased.

Now our Herb’n Maid technicians clean our home bi-weekly to maintain this luxury-level of clean. And with our own set of Herb’n Maid Herbal Cleaning Products, my husband and I can maintain the fresh, chemical-free clean in between professional cleanings. We’re also incorporating some of Herb’n Maid’s green living suggestions into our plans to update our décor, including professional painting services from a painter who uses zero-VOC paints, which are safer for us and for the cats who share our home.

Judith Montage
Herb'n Maid residential client
Central West End



We put Herb’n Maid to the ultimate test and they passed with flying colors... in shades of green of course!


Team PhotoOur first cleaning was the evening before our office grand opening party. We have brand new cork floors, plus tile and two different kinds of eco-friendly carpet in our 1500 square foot space. A kitchenette and a bathroom, too. Our second cleaning was the evening after our party. (Yes, they even do after-event clean-up!)


When I walked in the next morning on both occasions, the first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell. I can only describe it as truly fresh. The lack of dust of any sort was the second thing I discovered and given our office construction had just been completed, this was nothing short of amazing. We are grateful and will be loyal for life!


Cindy Bambini
Sr. Ameren Partnership Manager
St. Louis, Missouri



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