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When life keeps you on the move, ongoing housecleaning services are not a luxury. They’re a necessity.


At Herb’n Maid®, we get that, and we’ll work with you to craft a plan to meet the needs of your unique household. Choose a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly package… tailored to fit the demands of your lifestyle.


Luxury-level service comes “standard” with every Herb’n Maid residential cleaning service. On our first visit, our green cleaning technicians will perform a top-to-bottom deep cleaning to create an chemical-free, clean base. Our strategy, then, is to return regularly to maintain that, performing an intensive, detailed cleaning on each and every visit.


Here is a sample listing of the tasks we recommend including in your Initial Cleaning and incorporating into your Maintenance Cleaning schedule.


Throughout The House

Complete dusting and cobweb removal
Vacuum and freshen all carpets
Sweep/mop all hard surface floors
Dust wall hangings and knickknacks
Dust baseboards, windowsills and chair rails
Dust lampshades, light fixtures and ceiling fans
Clean vents, door facings, door knobs and light switches
Vacuum upholstered furniture
Vacuum/sweep under beds and furniture, if accessible
Clean mirrors, glass surfaces and interior glass doors
Empty wastebaskets and take out trash/recycling
Reline wastebaskets, if clean liners are laid out
Change sheets, if clean linens are laid out

In The Bathrooms

Clean/sanitize sinks
Clean/sanitize tub, shower, toilet
Wipe down all cabinet facings
Clean mirrors
Polish fixtures


In The Kitchen

Clean all counter tops
Clean inside/outside microwave
Wipe down all cabinet facings
Clean all major appliances outside
Clean/sanitize/polish sinks


Further customization of your service plan might include add-on services like straightening and organizing, washing windows, deep cleaning wood blinds and cleaning inside the refrigerator. We also offer green conveniences like changing your HVAC filter on a schedule, switching out your energy-hogging incandescent light bulbs with new CFL bulbs or scouring your oven with the power of steam. Ask your Herb’n Maid® consultant for information.


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Ready to find your perfect shade of green?

To get started, schedule a complimentary consultation. An Herb’n Maid consultant will walk through your home with you to customize a service plan and help you find your perfect shade of green.


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