A copy of your keys and any security codes necessary to access your home or business will be secured within the Herb’n Maid offices. Your Green Cleaning Technician will check out your key on your cleaning day and return it to our office afterwards.


We love kids and dogs. It’s why we’ve developed our cleaning products to be kid safe and pet friendly. However, for safety reasons, we cannot perform residential services when unsupervised children or teenagers are present. And we trust that dogs will be crated or gated on Green Cleaning Day if their presence could impede your Herb’n Maid’s ability to clean your home safely and efficiently.


The element of surprise can be a safety hazard. Therefore, we ask that you notify us in advance of any person(s) who may be in your home or business during the time of your scheduled cleaning. This includes family members or employees, contractors, repair personnel, etc. We reserve the right to reschedule visits that coincide with a visit by another service provider or guest. Also note that for security reasons, your Green Cleaning Technician is not permitted to open the door to accept deliveries or grant a provider or guest access to your home. If you are expecting a package and would like your technician to sign for it, please contact our office in advance to make special arrangements.

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