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There’s little for you to do in preparation for cleaning day. Herb’n Maid provides everything needed to perform a detailed cleaning of your home or business and to do so in a sustainable way. However, to avoid cross-contamination, clients are required to provide a toilet brush in each bathroom. If no brush is provided, your Green Cleaning Technician will not be able to scrub your toilet bowl. For your convenience, Herb’n Maid can provide new toilet brushes for your bathrooms at a nominal cost. Contact us for information.


In advance of your cleaning, it is recommended that you spend a few minutes picking up clothing and other items from the floor, putting away toys and clearing the kitchen sink of dishes and the bathtub of toys. Doing so will allow your Green Cleaning Technician to spend more time performing the tasks outlined in your Green Plan. We understand that there may be times when your schedule simply won’t allow you to make these preparations. On such occasions, please consider leaving a note instructing your technician to skip a certain room or work around displaced items. If you would prefer that your technician do this type of straightening for you, we’ll be happy to make arrangements to do so. Simply contact us to have this service added to your Green Plan. Note that the revision may result in additional costs.

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