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From your first green-tinged efforts to recycle soda cans to your light green decision to clean your home without chemicals, the choices you make lead you along the spectrum toward a greener lifestyle.


But green living is not an all-or-nothing proposition, and the path to sustainability doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style and comfort. At Herb’n Maid, we believe that by learning to make environmentally responsible choices, you can incorporate some of your favorite little luxuries into your new green lifestyle. And our job – our mission – is to help you do just that.


Herb’n Maid is committed to teaching our clients to make eco-savvy choices, to providing products and services that make sustainable living more accessible in St. Louis and to inspiring our neighbors live a cleaner, greener lifestyle.


This is the philosophy behind each and every luxury-level product and service that bears our name.


Herb’n Maid – Cleaning with a Conscience®



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