Stretching the usefulness of personal care products


Bottle of ShampooBefore you toss your “empty” personal care product containers into the recycling bin or trash can, see if you can squeeze some more life out of it.


The typical consumer throws away a seemingly empty toothpaste tube with up to 10% of the product still inside. Lotion, shampoo and conditioner containers are also frequently ditched before their usefulness is gone. To see what’s stuck inside, try cutting your toothpaste tubes and lotion bottles in half.


Get all of the goodness out of your favorite personal care products by storing the bottles upside down. (Be sure to tighten those caps first!) Bottoms-up bottles in the vanity and shower allow gravity to do its thing. The warm environment inside the shower can also soften the product inside, making it easier to access. And after gravity has drained your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles, you can usually get one last “go” by adding a little bit of warm water to the bottle and giving it a good shake.


By stretching the usefulness of each item, you’ll replace them less frequently. And that means more money in your wallet and fewer containers making their way into the landfill and recycling stream.



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