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Carly, Chinese Shar-Pei


Our friends at Four Muddy Paws introduced us to Key's Soap, a new product line that includes an all natural medicated shampoo. It's gentle on our shar-pei's baby soft skin and on the planet. We asked guest contributor Jeff Jensen of Four Muddy Paws to tell us more about this fabulously green product line.

-Richelle White, co-owner/founder of Herb'n Living LLC


There are two facets to skin health and wellness for pets and people: what you use and what you avoid.


Skin disorders rank at the top of the list for veterinarian and dermatologist visits. In fact, it's believed that over 50% of all skin disorders are misdiagnosed and are actually caused by the chemicals in everyday products.


We've discovered new 100% vegan, 100% natural and 100% green skin care products for both you and your pet that are based on a combination of ancient remedies, modern technology and green science. They use only natural botanicals, herbs, butters, oils and vegan ingredients with each ingredient performing a function without the use of unnecessary fragrances or other components.


Key's Soap has a great line of products that can solve a multitude of pet skin conditions including an all-natural, chemical-free healing spray developed for dogs and their handlers returning from Hurricane Katrina which relieves skin discomforts, rashes, itching and other skin disorders plus repels over 200 types of insects. It is also available in a lotion form.


Finding a natural alternative to a medicated shampoo can also be a challenge but Key's has done it with a chemical-free shampoo that rinses lightning fast and was developed to quell itching, hot spots and skin allergies caused by the environment, allergens and other chemicals in some pet care products. It's also a natural insect repellent.


We also like Key's Soap products because they use recycled materials and ones that can be easily recycled and they precycle eliminating the unuseful. Key's products for you and your pet are available at Four Muddy Paws Healthy Pet Market, 1711 Park Avenue in Lafayette Square.


-Jeff Jenson, co-owner, Four Muddy Paws



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