No More Paper Napkins

Cloth Napkins

At Herb'n Maid, we believe the path to green living is paved by small changes... made one at a time. And our job --our mission-- is to help you make them. By making one small change every week, you can live a greener lifestyle without sacrificing comfort.


Here's a small change you can implement next week. Instead of restocking paper napkins in your home or office, switch to cloth napkins or 100% recycled paper napkins. If every American household replaced just one 500-count package of virgin paper napkins, together we could save 2.4 million trees.


Cloth napkins actually have a way of making every meal seem special. And kids love them, too! At the Herb'n Maid home office, we keep a basket of folded cloth napkins on the kitchen counter, right where the paper napkin holder used to be.


Want to try it on a budget? Scour the clearance aisle at your favorite discount or department store for mis-matched cloth napkins at a steal of a deal. Or if you're crafty, turn fabric scraps or old clothing into colorful DIY napkins.



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