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Can an amateur gardener grow an herb garden? Of course! Herbs are tough, fun and rewarding for a first time grower. All you need is a sunny location and good drainage. You don’t even necessarily have to have good soil.


Herbs are low maintenance plants and just require a good watering when the soil is dry. Don’t over-water them! To tell you the truth, I have never fertilized my herbs, so it’s extremely easy to maintain an organic herb garden if you choose to do so.


I love to plant herbs to use for cooking, so I plant them close to my kitchen door to allow easy access for a quick snip to add to my favorite recipes. My favorite kitchen herbs are Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Cilantro and Tarragon.


If you have limited space or want to plant a balcony herb garden, plant in big pots and put them in a sunny location. Water when the soil is dry to touch. I love to plant up pots of Lemon Verbena, Anise Hyssop, Mints and Pineapple Sage and make wonderful sun teas all summer. Lemon Basil is also one of my absolute favorites, and I cannot get enough of its fabulous smell. In fact, an added benefit of having an herb garden is that the plants seem to repel bugs with their strong scents.


Planting your first herb garden is really very easy, and the possibilities are endless. Just plant what you enjoy eating and smelling. To meet other local herb gardeners and get great herbal information, come out to an upcoming Webster Groves Herb Society event.

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Happy Herbing
Jenny Fagan president WGHS



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