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Guest contributor Patrick Horine is co-founder of Tower Grove Farmers’ Market.

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Shopping at farmers' markets is a great way to get to know your food and where it comes from.  This is increasingly important as our economy goes global and our food production does, as well.  Here are some tips for your next trip to your local farmers' market:


1. Talk to your farmer. 

Farmers love to talk and in a short amount of time you can understand their growing practices, farming philosophy, and why they do what they do.  It makes a meal more satisfying when you have had a personal interaction with the person that grew your food.  It takes on a new meaning. 


2. Don't miss what's in season. 

If you are at the market and you see blueberries, buy them right away!  Many of the fruits and delicate vegetables are only in season for a few weeks and some years weather conditions can destroy whole crops.  So when they're there, take advantage of it and savor those rare treats.


3. Watch for produce resellers!

If you know that your farmers' market is for growers only, like the Tower Grove Farmers' Market, then you don't need to worry abou this.  But if you are at a market with a mix of farmers and resellers, be careful not to be fooled.  If you see a vendor selling produce that you know does not grow in the region, then chances are they are reselling.


4. If you are new to farmers' markets, then be prepared. 

Once you start buying food directly from farmers, you will find it hard to return to the large supermarkets full of half-ripe produce shipped in from all over the world.  The best thing about eating locally grown food that is freshly picked, is that it tastes great.  It's good for the environment, good for the economy, and excellent for your taste buds.


We hope to see you at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market this summer!


Patrick Horine, Market Founder



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