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As a hair care professional, one of the most frustrating things I encounter is an environmentally friendly hair product that skimps on performance. Thankfully, there are a growing number of professional product lines that have taken environmental issues to heart. I have a couple of favorite lines, but you can find your own favorites by knowing what to look for on the label.





Here are some key ingredients to avoid.

  • Parabens (especially Butyl- and Propyl-)
    Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in cosmetic products.  There is currently some controversy over whether parabens are linked to breast cancer.
  • Sulfates - (Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and others)
    Sulfates are foaming agents in shampoos and soaps.  They are irritants, so those with sensitive skin should especially beware.  Additionally, sulfates do not break down well in the environment, and they can increase the acidity of the air and cause acid rain.

Here are some safe ingredients.

  • Cetyl Alcohol (cee-till alcohol)
    Cetyl alcohol is a commonly used moisturizer, is often produced from palm oil. 
  • Glycerin/Glycerol  (gliss-er-in / gliss-er-oll)
    Glycerin is a sugar alcohol.  It is found in toothpaste, mouthwashes, shaving cream, shampoos, conditioners and soaps.
  • Salicylic Acid (sal-ah-sill-ick acid)
    Salicylic acid is naturally derived from willow tree bark.  It is a key ingredient in many skin care products for the treatment of acne and psoriasis.

My favorite professional product lines include Aveda and Pureology. Aveda is an all-around eco-conscious company. From minimal, recycled packaging to organic ingredients and philanthropic work in the rain forests, Aveda is in sync with the sensibilities of the eco-savvy consumer. In the salon, I use Aveda hair color with fantastic results. ( My other favorite professional line is Pureology, with a complete line of sulfate-free, 100% vegan hair care products. (
submitted by Bethany Laska
Stylist, Dominic Michael Salon


Editor’s note: When I decided to green up my hair care, I went to Bethany for an eco-education. I sampled a luxurious hair mask from Pureology and fell in love with my soft, silky hair. Since then, I’ve added Pureology’s NanoGlaze into my styling product arsenal. It’s a styling crème that has an added benefit of wicking water away from your hair, speeding up drying time and reducing my need for the electricity-zapping blow dryer. My new favorite product: Aveda’s Air Control spray. It functions like an aerosol spray but without harmful CFCs. It also smells divine, thanks to Aveda’s blend of essential oils. You don’t have to go to the salon to find eco-fabulous hair products. There are also some great consumer product lines, including Alba and Avalon Organics.

-Richelle White, co-owner/founder of Herb’n Maid



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