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EarthWays Green Resources Coordinator Hope Breidenbach takes questions from people seeking to green up and helps them find information on sustainable products and practices.


"People simply email or call in for information," explains Breidenbach. "I will direct them to websites, local organizations or companies, to assist in their quest for Green choices."


Breidenbach notes that trends in caller questions reflect local advances in the business of going Green, such as in the homebuilding industry. "We receive a lot of calls from people looking to build a new home or planning a home remodeling project. They ask about local service providers and availability of products from pervious paving materials to roofing to rain barrels - and more!


"We're also getting a lot of questions about renewable energy applications, such as solar power. People are especially interested in finding local installers. With renewable energy options increasingly in the news, there's a huge demand for opportunities to learn more locally about all the ways to use solar energy."


Recycling is a perennial topic, too, with many callers expressing concern about options to properly dispose of burned-out compact fluorescent light bulbs. These energy-saving bulbs contain trace amounts of mercury, so people want a responsible alternative to the household trash bag. Breidenbach refers callers to a new national recycling program that allows individuals to bring unbroken CFL bulbs to the customer service counter of any Home Depot store, where bulbs are accepted for recycling at no charge.


The Green Resources service provides a valued learning opportunity for the EarthWays Center staff, too. "There are so many innovations occurring all the time," says Breidenbach. "Responding to public questions helps us continually grow our knowledge base - and improve the ways we communicate about sustainability."


Email your questions to Hope at or call 314-577-0225.


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