8 ingredients to avoid in make-up and skin care products


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Every product that is in contact with our skin is absorbed into all of our major organs, often in less than 30 seconds. Even minute amounts of toxins absorbed on a daily basis can, over a lifetime, add up to dangerous consequences.


Fortunately, with consumer awareness comes consumer demand, and many manufacturers are taking note. Many, though not nearly enough. So to clean up your cosmetics case, start by reading labels. Here are eight ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and skin care products.


1. Mineral oil is a petroleum derivative that blocks normal skin respiration and a contributor to aging and blemishes.

2. Petroleum has the same side effects as mineral oil and also impairs nutrient absorption.

3. SD-40 alcohol is drying to the skin.

4. Lanolin is the oily excretion from sheep, which is used as a lubricating agent, but is a major cause of allergic skin reactions in sensitive skin.

5. Collagen is an animal by product that clogs pores and causes allergic reactions.

6. Phthalates are man made chemicals that have been linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity in infants.

7. Artificial fragrances and dyes cause allergic skin reactions and are cheap fillers.

8. Animal by-products are so numerous that the easiest way to avoid them may be to focus on a vegan-certified product line.


There are many other offenders, so investigate and demand more for your money. There are more and more companies producing products that will give you beauty and benefits without these harmful ingredients.


Feel free to email me for a consultation or samples of healthy alternatives to the conventional chemical products in your make up bag and medicine cabinet.


Submitted by Bethany DeMaggio



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