Teaching children to clean their bedrooms


Girl with Toy Vacuum

Kids thrive on routine, so create a cleaning routine for them to follow and you’ll have a much greater chance for success than when you simply tell them to go clean their rooms.

Here are some simple steps for them to follow.


STEP 1: Make the bed.

The room will look better immediately, and the made bed makes a great surface for them to use later in the cleaning process.


STEP 2: Pick up laundry.

Sort clean clothes from dirty clothes and put in the appropriate basket or drawer.


STEP 3. Pick up toys in groups.

For example, pick up and put away all of the stuffed animals, then all of the cars, then all of the games, then all of the books, etc.



STEP 4. Odds and ends that don’t belong in a group go on top of the bed for sorting.

Getting things up off the floor creates a sense of accomplishment. And the bed provides a great surface for sorting through the odd items.


STEP 5. Pick up one item from the bed at a time and find its place.

Items that don’t have a place in the room may not actually belong in the room. If they belong in other rooms of the house, return them to their proper places. Things that have been borrowed – like library books – should be returned immediately. Other items may belong in the trash can, recycling bin or the charitable donation collection box.


STEP 6. Dust and vacuum (if age appropriate).

Most kids actually have fun wiping things down and experiencing the instant gratification of seeing a surface go from dusty to shiny. Use eco-friendly cleaning products and teach your children to use them safely and properly.



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