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Can you say that you have a regular fitness routine that you absolutely LOVE?  One of the most basic and important choices we can make for health is to move our bodies. Yet so many of us either don’t have a regular fitness routine or don’t enjoy what we’re doing. Our fitness program absolutely can – and should – be something that brings aliveness and fulfillment to our lives. One of the best ways to integrate fitness into our lives and one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to fall in love with moving our body.


Could you clean up your approach to exercise by finding something you love? I stepped off of the treadmill of exercise as a chore when I came home to my body by stepping into a Nia class, a cutting edge holistic fitness and lifestyle practice that conditions, heals, and transforms your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Known as “the love your body" workout, Nia invites us to connect to the Joy of moving our bodies as the key to health and living consciously in a body. Nia is a one-stop Joy shop, a beautiful blend of martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts that offers the three components we want from fitness: cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and enhanced flexibility, all crafted into one rich, rewarding, deep, sweaty, soulful experience.  Nia invites us to bring our whole selves onto the floor and into our practice, using pleasure as a guide to keep us coming back for more. 


Whether it’s Nia, swimming, hiking or kayaking, find something that turns you on!  Give yourself the gift of getting hooked on health and loving living in your body.


submitted by Tracy Stamper
Nia Black Belt



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